How to become part of the global society

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to physically be in another place to enjoy work opportunities and productive collaboration. But, to paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spiderman, with great power to transcend physical borders comes great responsibility. Here’s why…


Borders? What borders?

We’re living in a world where land borders can no longer stop us from interacting. 

In decades gone past, work opportunities were localized, and physical relocation to a foreign country was required for those who wanted to rub shoulders with a cohort of international colleagues. But this has changed; the internet provides access for both individuals and businesses to reach across physical distances and interact easily and instantly with people all over the world.


Sounds great – but there’s a flipside

The elimination of physical distance has given rise to a new challenge: cultural gaps

The instantaneous contact with people who are different from what you are used to has highlighted differences – sometimes with devastating consequences. It goes without saying that for the only way to solve the global issues we currently face, we need to create a constructive global society that has a cohesive approach to the challenges we face as a planet.

For every person to play a positive role, differences in tradition and culture need to be addressed. The ability to temper bias and unconscious discrimination (regardless how unintended) with tolerance eliminates many of the challenges that stand in the way of achieving vital, united goals.


Upgrade your education

There are many ways to become more tolerant and increase collaboration, but the most effective is simply exposing yourself to elements outside of your comfort zone. Becoming accustomed to people who think and behave differently from you gives you a solid foundation from which to build inter-cultural collaboration. You need to be provided with a learning experience that combines education with life experience.

A tertiary education abroad provides the ideal platform for students from around the world to close this cultural gap.


The takeaway

The digital world has eliminated separation by land borders and cross-cultural collaboration has become an essential skill that needs to be developed for you to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.

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