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International University Access

There are many things that may hinder your application to an overseas university. Foundation courses provide an alternative pathway to access opportunities to study a degree at an international university.

But what exactly is a foundation course?

Foundation courses are designed to help you overcome any limitations your school education or English language levels may present.  They provide you with ways to improve your grades and your levels of English – especially written English.

Better still, if you pass the programme and secure a visa to study abroad, they provide guaranteed progression to degrees offered by the university partners the foundation provider has agreements with.

But wait. There’s more!

Foundation courses don’t just offer a pathway to better grades and improved English language skills; there are additional benefits too.

In our experience, you will gain a lot from the preparation a foundation course provides you. Not only will you develop the skill to become an independent learner (treasured by the universities), but you learn what to expect from a life in a foreign country.

Dealing with a different country’s people and culture, as well as the practical life experience created by tasks such applying for your visa, booking your flight, organising your accommodation, budgeting and handling your money, and learning to get around in your new home provide you with the real-world skills you’ll need once you’re finished your studies. 

How foundation courses work. 

Typically, entry to a foundation course depends largely on the level of your English language. This is most often referred to as an IELTS score: a common international English language competency test that all universities refer to. 

The IELTS score dictates the length of the foundation course that needs to be studied, and the time of year that you can start to study.  The table below shows the three options that are normally available. In a nutshell, the better the level of English, the shorter the programme.


July - Sept

Oct - Dec

Jan - Mar

Mar - June

July - Aug



Foundation Programme

(12 Month)

Start Your Undergraduate Degree!


Foundation Programme

(9 Month)


Foundation Programme

(7 Month)

Foundation courses are run in several ways: 

  • in-person classes on campus,
  • completely online, or
  • a combination of the two.  

Depending on where and how the course is run, together with the end goal of your studies (i.e., how niche your chosen qualification is), prices for foundation courses vary from €5,000 to €25,000. During 2021, the average of cost of a foundation course was €19,000. 

Apply today 

Foundation courses offer a brilliant way for you to gain access to an international degree by providing you with a holistic foundation that helps you prepare for life as a university student. 

It’s a big deal to move abroad to study and we understand that.  That’s why UniHaven places such a strong emphasis on really looking after our foundation course students in every way. 

To find out more about UniHaven, our university partners, and our foundation courses, contact us today or apply online HERE

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