Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

The two biggest challenges facing organisations today are the need to innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The need to be creative and flexible in following sustainable and long-lasting strategies has never been greater and only organisations with imagination and who embrace diversity will survive and flourish.

A particular aim of the Postgraduate Diploma is to promote student aspirations to attain a degree and enter a new world of opportunities, by providing students with flexible entry and study options. Students who complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership will exit with an Ofqual (UK)-recognised Level 7 Diploma. Students can then choose to continue their studies onto a master’s qualification or move onto a Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, with further progression opportunity to a doctorate degree subsequently.

Recognised as a UK Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma, the program comprises 120 equivalent credits towards a 180 credit UK MBA award. Meaning students are only required to complete 60 of the remaining credits for the top up MBA.

Fulfilling the Diploma requirements enables you to pursue a thesis for an associated Masters programme with one of the partner universities in the UK or the USA (i.e., USA universities who accept UK credits).

This qualification is aimed at those who are seeking middle and executive level roles in medium or large corporations. The qualification will:

  • Provide access and progression in learning within the management, leadership, and strategy vocational area.
  • Improve learners career development opportunities, enhancing their career prospects in their chosen area of
  • The course offers progression to top UK and USA university business schools with students able to complete masters such as:
    • Master of Science in Organisational Leadership
    • Master of Science in Finance
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The course is delivered in small groups in our virtual online classrooms with a largely self-directed learning approach.

Course Structure

The overall structure of the course is based on eight units that cover several topics relating to learning outcomes. Six units are mandatory with learners being able to choose two additional optional units from four as shown in the table below. Each unit has the equivalency of 15 credits. Learners must complete all units successfully and achieve 120 credits before the Diploma can be issued.

Mandatory Units Credits
Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy 15
Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking 15
Leading a Strategic Management Project 15
Strategic Direction 15
Strategic Planning 15
Development as a Strategic Manager 15
Optional Units Credit
Finance for Managers 15
Strategic Marketing 15
Organisational Change Strategies 15
Human Resource Planning 15


Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy

The unit will explore how team performance can be evaluated and optimised to realise strategic objectives.

Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking

The unit will address the volume and complexity of data and information available to organisations and how to analyse, apply and determine its value in making strategic decisions.

Leading a Strategic Management Project

The unit will involve the learner in formulating research and methodologies to support a strategic management project. They will be required to critically evaluate options and data sources prior to presenting project outcomes.

Strategic Direction

The unit will explore the strategic aims and objectives of an organisation and their significance in setting direction and identifying success and progress for the organisation. The unit will also explore where different strategic options may lead the organisation to change its direction.

Strategic Planning

This unit is about the value of the strategic planning process in formulating appropriate strategies and designing a plan that will be supported by stakeholders and other organisational leaders. The critical review of the plan and its success is also addressed in the unit.

Development as a Strategic Manager

The unit aims to supports organisational and self-awareness in learners. It provides a foundation for a self-critical and reflective approach to personal development to support the learner when operating at a strategic level. Wider context organisational and environmental factors are also considered as contributors to overall strategic success of the individual and the organisation.

Finance for Managers

This unit is geared towards supporting learners in understanding and using financial information and data. This unit is important to learners as it supports decision making.

Strategic Marketing

The unit will investigate underlying models, techniques and theories that underpin marketing and can contribute to strategic objectives. It will also provide learners with a critical understanding of the marketing function within complex organisations.

Organisational Change Strategies

This unit will examine the changing nature of organisations and the challenges they face. It will examine the main approaches to managing change and show how these relate to the types of change that organisations are undertaking, especially in terms of individual, group and organisational behaviour.  The main objective of this unit is to enable learners to understand, plan and achieve organisational change successfully. Managing organisational change is one of the most problematic tasks leaders undertake. The ability to do manage change successfully is a key attribute of successful leaders and successful organisations.

Human Resource Planning

The unit will address issues that are important when planning for and securing a workforce that will be able to deliver strategic objectives. The unit will also consider the constraints and influences on organisational HR practices.

Programme Length

Students can take the programme over a 12-month period.

Starting Dates

Every two months (subject to minimum programme numbers).

Entry Requirements

Programme applicants should have one of the following:

  • A degree or equivalent in any discipline.
  • Other professional relevant qualifications.
  • Candidates without a degree but with at least three years relevant experience may also apply.

Applicants who are not from a majority English-speaking country or who have not completed an undergraduate degree in English need to present with an equivalent to IELTS 6.0. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree of 3 years or longer in duration through English will have the IELTS requirement for Masters study at Northwood university (US university) waived.

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